We can help you make the most efficient use of space and keep your home clutter-free with carefully designed and planned shelving, bookcases and workspace areas. 

Home Offices

 Many homes today have a small room that becomes the home office. 

If your home office also acts as a makeshift spare bedroom for unexpected visitors, we can also include a wardrobe within the home office design that can also act as handy extra storage. 

Want to bring order to your home office? Contact us today to get your home office storage project underway.

Living Areas

Living areas are an important place for families to get-together, live and play. 
So keeping those areas clutter-free can be a full time job if there isn’t a place for everything and everything in its place.

We can help you and your family get delightfully organised with custom-designed and made bookcases, shelves and cupboards to display or store books, photos, DVDs and CDs, remotes and other items and hide away mess and clutter. 

Television and entertainment systems units can be stand-alone or incorporated into the design for a stylish and space efficient way to keep your living area clean and spacious. 

Want to transform your living area with storage and shelving that expresses your personal style

Linen and Laundry Cupboards

Many homes today haveWe can custom-design a practical, functional and affordable storage solution for creating space and order in a pre-existing linen or laundry cupboard or we can create a new bespoke cupboard where one didn’t exist before.

Creatively combining open shelves, slatted shelves and closed cupboards for housing large or small items, can make what is often a difficult to access space, into an effective storage area.

Tired of battling with the mess in your linen or laundry cupboard? 


Garage Storage

Is your garage the place where you put everything you can’t fit or don’t want in the house? 
If the answer is yes, chances are there’s barely room in your garage to drive your car in.

Now you get your garage space back again through our practical, functional and affordable custom-designed storage solutions. We can create new bespoke cupboards and shelving or help you make the most of pre-existing cupboards. 
By creatively combining wall hung and floor mounted cupboards, open shelves and slatted shelves, we can turn your garage area into effective storage space. Add in closed cupboards to safely hide tools, chemicals, cleaning products and paints away from small children. 
Want a clean, spacious garage with everything in its place? Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

Stacey Shoe Spinner Shelving

Maximise your storage capabilities for your shoes, bags. folded clothing and much more with the Stacey Shoe Spinner shelving system.  

No maintenance, lubrication or servicing required for this state of the art self stabilsing rotational bearing system that spins at a touch of finger.


  • 200 pairs of shoes – no worries! Number of shoes will vary depending on shoe size and style.
  • Adjustable shelves with the generous 24 vertical shelving system
  • Save space with less than 1 square meter of floor coverage!
  • Freestanding or integrated into a closet system to suit your needs.


  • Wood: 18mm HMRE0 MDF
  • Coating: Melamine
  • Edging: 1mm PVC


  • Unit Height: 2200mm
  • Total Height: 2250mm (includes ROTAS bearing)
  • Width: 950mm
  • Depth: 950mm
  • Floor Space Needed: 950mm x 950mm
  • Middle Shelf Spacing: variable
  • Side Shelf Spacing: fixed
  • Board Thickness: 18mm
  • Edging Thickness: 1mm


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